The changing tides is a book of poetry and short stories that involves many different subject matters. Along with it some romantic appeal that is based on some of my own experiences. The purpose of this book is not to overwhelm you with the overly sophisticated genre of poetry that might confuse some of its readers. I believe in shooting straight for the heart and soul leaving the reader with something relatable to their own life experiences. Like an amusement park ride the book will take you in many different directions with the ups and downs and all arounds of life. It starts out easy with my rendition of a young person of the female persuasion I so admired in my youth, then suddenly changes the mood depicting the harsh realities of life. Next we arrive at a more controversial but yet exciting story written from a conversation with a highly educated young woman. I would have never thought for a moment that a person of this nature would have to do just to get through college. Oh yes, the challenges of life but we then move quickly on to a young teenage artist making her way to fame having followed her growth from crayons to perfume on an amazing musical journey. Let’s go back in time when the simple things in life just had to suffice with the poem Bring It Back. We can slingshot forward with the poetic verses of (The Miracle Of Me) celebrating each and everyone of us being born. Then maybe we can head off to (The Bar), yes, the famous cliche’, a place to go where everybody knows your name. Life goes in so many directions with The Changing Tides. It includes stories we don’t often think about like the Unseen Heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today. There’s a poem or story that fits each and everyone of us in this book including poems of faith that will help us build strength in trying times. There are times when each one of us felt pressured as if we were holding up the Weight Of The World! The book brings out a soothing symposium for dealing with those circumstances. Either way there are many different facets of life depicted in this book for the reader to enjoy going forward in an ever-changing world, here is my story THE CHANGING TIDES.

"It doesn't matter how many times you fail in life as long as you believe in yourself "

John Bouley