We are all born into a world for which we never fully understand. Like the ocean, there are so many mysteries left to explore but there is never enough time. We live in the moment of our changing ways that makes it hard to grasp what or who we truly are. We become living metaphors of ourselves with the consistent obsolescence of everything we know, for what we have and what we truly understand changes so radically that somehow, we miss out on the true meaning of our lives.

Is there a purpose of all this? What sense does it make if we leave this world not knowing who we really are or why we exist? Some believe in a deity that gives us a purpose after we’re gone. Some believe through an evolutionary process we become who we are. But can our very existence somehow have fallen into the hands of chance? For there has to be more to it all and like the changing tides, we continue to exist without ever
really knowing.

For there is so much to learn and one of the great ways of obtaining knowledge is from each other through the literary progression of our minds pushing forward like the rushing tides changing at a rapid pace to hopefully, one day, fulfil the voids of an ever-changing world. I give you my poetry.